EUBOS is a company of dermatologically tested cosmetic products for the infant, the woman and skincare.

EUBOS has four main product lines:


We all know that the birth of a baby is one of life's most beautiful experiences. Your baby is your pride and joy, so it's only natural that you would want to give your child the very best of everything, especially where health and hygiene are concerned. Because your baby's skin is delicate and sensitive, you'll need to nurture and protect it from infections and irritations, so your child can be clean and comfortable at all times. That's why we created Eubos Cream Bath Oil.


As a girl enters her next phase in life, the secret of womanhood will slowly unravel itself. During this transition from child to adult, her body undergoes many wonderful changes.

Sensitive skin:

EUBOS suggests high quality dermatologically tested products for the skin care of the hands and body.

Normal skin:

Pamper and protect your skin from head to toe with EUBOS Liquid Skin Cleansing Emulsion. Dermatologically tested and highly recommended for dry and sensitive skin, this mild, pH neutral cleanser is formulated with the unique EUBOSOFT combination of Allantoin, Vitamin E and protective active agents. Enjoy deep-pore cleansing without disrupting skin's natural biosphere. Refresh, revitalize and protect skin with this alkali and soap-free daily wash to experience smooth radiance all over. Choose EUBOS Red for a fresh dermatologically-tested fragrance or EUBOS Blue for a gentle, unperfumed wash.
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