FREZYDERM was created in 1987 by Mr Anastasios Anastasiou.Its aim was to distribute dermatological cosmetics for adults and children, recommended by Doctors due to their quality and efficacy.Exclusive sale in Pharmacies.

Products were developed to facilitate treatment.
Information departments were created to approach Dermatologists and Paediatricians, in a strictly scientific way in regards with cosmetics, and supported by studies of the products in University Clinics of Greece as well as abroad.

According to a research conducted with paediatricians and dermatologists, our company holds the first place among many multinational companies in the field of Scientific Information for Cosmetics.

Our factory, which was built, in 2001, according to the most recent data as well as the instructions of the EU, was an innovation. It allowed us to prepare, our own products, on a first level, and third companies' products, on a second level, always maintaining the best standards possible.

Owning our own Factory and a powerful Department of Research and Development we were able to help the doctors get acquainted with the galenic products(link), providing information that was lacking in the field of Medicine. At the same time we started seminars for the chemists in relation to the same issue.

This resulted in FREZYDERM being regarded as a pharmaceutical company and examining its products according to strictly pharmaceutical standards.

The current data of the market lead us to the creation of a Sales Department.
Our network covers the whole of Greece and includes 2,500 pharmacies. Day by day FREZYDERM is expanding even further, and takes up more space on the shelves of pharmacies.

Except for the Greek market our products have successfully conquered international markets of Europe and Middle East.

In 2003 our company gained the ISO 9001 : 2000 Certificate of Quality.
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