Pleasure is more psychological than physical. Health is more physical than psychological. Beauty is both.


HealthBeBeauty is an online shop selling parapharmaceuticals and cosmetic products, related to your beauty, health and children. This site expands a relationship of trust that has started in the physical pharmacy of Eleni’s Pagonopoulou,  based on Pentelis Avenue 69 at Vrilissia, Athens, Greece, since 1987.


At  HealthBeBeauty we believe that health and beauty are powerfully connected.

Taking care of your body is as much important as developing your inner world, your mind and soul. HealthBeBeauty is aiming to offer advices about how to be healthier and beautiful and which are the best products for you.

Our focus is not only to offer the highest quality of buying experience but also to create a complete platform regarding your health and beauty.

Having the innovative YOU area in our website, we personalize your search while suggesting the right products for you.

Furthermore we continually increase our products’ range in order to best meet all unique and imaginative needs of our visitors.


Your opinion, comments and suggestions are making us better. Everyday something new in our website makes your health and beauty a daily ongoing procedure always presenting the latest and most updated trends and advices!







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